Jesper Juul replies: Let me begin to recommend an old book by Jan Uwe Rogge: "Children have fears". In it, you can be inspired versatile, how to deal with children and anxiety.
I do not know what is your experience, but I'm earlier example woke up regularly in the morning at five o'clock, because I often had to travel several days consecutively. Even if I did not have to get up early, I was awake at this hour.

Children it is often similar in that they wake up for no apparent reason repeatedly at a specific time. With five years your daughter is but old enough to learn some adult-strategies as an alternative to the path in your bed.

You can for example turn on their light and "read" a book, she can hear soothing music, they can look at the ceiling and fantasize about the next day, they may think of their last birthday or another beautiful experience. Also to practice deep breathing, is an alternative: fear and deep breathing can not exist simultaneously. In the first experiments you can put your hand on the belly of your daughter, to help her. But they will very soon be able to do this myself.
The decisive point is that your daughter understands that it is responsible for their sleep and that only they themselves can help permanently. Of course it is something else when she wakes up because of a nightmare. But even in this case, they can remain in their bed while they calm. Thus they learn new ways to deal with their fear.

The underlying message must be that only your daughter can successfully deal with their fear. Her parents, a friend or prospective partner can keep for a while her hand, but in the end it is responsible. Currently the fear has it under control, but with your help, creativity and support they need to get to the point, to get the fear under control. Currently, she still thinks that her parents can take her fear, which is not true. So run them - as gently as possible - towards their own abilities.

Can the child to the parents' bed?

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