The route where in nature has showered its beauty with misty snow, silent hills that is filled with the aroma of Cardamom and Tea. That's Kottayom-Kumaly road, also known as KK road. William Blake has said that when human being beings and mountains meet many mysteries happen, this road is the biggest example for that. This Gods Own path has got a lot of stories to tell and show. This is one of most travelled route by tourist who visit Kerala.
It's the dream place by Tourist. It took almost 4 years to complete the road from Kottayam to Mundakayam. Later it to took 4 more years to include kuttukanom, Peerimedu. To make road through this area clearing rocks, hills etc required almost 2000 labourers per day. Today's Ponnkunnom was full of snakes and forest.
When the labourers showed reluctancy to continue with the work, the British officials incorporated a scheme which included gifting the lucky worker with a gold coin. Later that place became Ponnkunom meaning hill of gold. This road has a lot scenic beauty to present. In Kottayam -Kumaly Road (NH 220), after covering almost 62 km from Kottayam, a deviation to almost 7km towards right side leads to the first view point that's Panjalimedu. From Panjalimedu it's better to travel through Valliyom Kavu estate to Mundakayom road. Since that road is a steep downhill, the journey will be comfortable. But it will be the vice versa if one decides to travel to Panjalimedu, it will be an exhausting journey. After passing 7km, the next spot is Vallaganom waterfall, this is situated on the way to Kuttikanom. During rainy season this waterfall will be full and while summer it will be totally dry. It originates from Kuttikanom Hill tops. Special concrete platforms are created for all the tourist who wants to take bath. This is one of the main attraction during KK Road journey. It's also known as Murinjapuzha & Ninnumullipara. Since there are a lot of small shops and tea shops in this road, it's a usual harbour place for all those regularing travelling through this road.

Beautiful nature tourist center in Kottayom

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