Rajamala is along the Munnar-udumalpet NH-49 road at a distance of 15km from Munnar town.Rajamala comes under the Eravikulam national park where visitors are permitted. Eravikulam vast around 97 sq km area. In 1975 Eravikulam was declared as a wildlife sanctuary and in 1978 it was upgraded to National park.
There are so many species of flora and fauna.The extinct varayadu ( Nilgiri tahr ) can be also found here.The World's half of the Nilgiri tahr is here now. The flower  that blooms only once in a 12-year cycle - Neelakurinji is also a speciality of  Rajamala. South India's highest peak anamudi is also located here. After parking your vehicle near the ticket counter area you should travel by bus for 20 minutes to reach the buffer zone.Tourists are permitted to go around 2 km from there.In Order to get the bus tickets, a huge crowd is usually felt . Entry time is from 7:30 to 16:00.  Tourists are not allowed during the march and February.

Rajamala Natural place in Idukki district

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