From Delhi, Shimla can be reached by car, bus or through train. If it's by Car it almost 360km, direct buses are also there from Delhi Kashmir Bus gate AC and Air buses. If travelling to Shimla train is the best. Kalkka Shimla train route which 96km gives a different experience. In 2008 UNESCO has accepted it as World Heritage area. The other train routes that are included in UNESCO are Dargling Mountain roads, Nilgiri(Ooty) mountain roads and Chathrapthi Shivaji Terminus. The box like compartments are small in size and all those who have height might hurt their head. The train passes through 102 Tunnels, 864 bridges and 919 huge turnings. In-between the hills there are small small railways stations, valleys which extend beyond eye sight.. It will give a refreshing and enjoyable journey experience. Most of the time the trains speed will be low, we can also start walking along with the train. Sitting at the door, moving out of train, plucking fruits and seeds from nearby trees the journey can be continued. In between while entering tunnel, it will be scary initially, later it will also be an enjoyable experience. It takes almost 5hrs to travel through 96km. Shimla is almost 7000km above sea level as part of Himalaya. It's known as Mountains Queen. On one side of the road there is high mountains and on the other low lying areas. Shops and house are build after constructing huge polls. All those houses that are constructed in the valley has got slabs that extends from the road. Car has to be parked on the roof and then walked down to the house.

Beautiful tourist attraction places in Shimla and Delhi

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