Punaloor hanging bridge is situated in Kollam district and it build over Kallada river. It was opened during the time of Thiruvathamkoor Ayillom King. In 1871 the Devan Nanupilla gave the permission to build the hanging bridge. By 1877 the construction was over. In 1880 it was opened for the public conveyance. In south India it was the first such initiative. This proposal came up while Ayillom Thirunal Ramavarma reigned, the Devan Nanupilla assigned this to Engineer Albert Henry. The worked completed by 1871 and it established stable trading with Tamil Nadu. Kallada river seems like a calm river but it has got heavy water flow underneath because of which normal bridges cannot be constructed here and the proposal of hanging bridge came up. It's hung on two heavy chains which are attached to the two ends of heavy blocks on either side of the river. The ends of the chains are linked to the four wells situated in the river bank, in addition to that the middle portion is also linked to the river bank. Teak wooden platforms are railed to the chains over which vehicles cross over.
The 20 inches wide and 400 inches long hanging bridge established a stable trading business with Tamil Nadu, many traders came and settled in Punaloor and the Tamil culture got more inculcated over there.
In 1970 the vehicle transportation was prohibited and from 1990 the government has taken over it as a heritage monument.
 Almost after a decade, Punaloor hanging bridge is revived. 1.35 Crores was invested into it to revive it. It's open now and since wednesday it's overflowing with visitors.
Avoiding the Concrete bridge, many kids preferred to walk over the hanging bridge. Even at midnight there were many visitors to visit and to capture images.
To reach Punaloor -
It's an important city in Kollam district very close to Tamil Nadu. From Kollam district it's almost 45km, from Trivandrum district it is 65km and from Pathanamthitta district its 50km.
The highway which connects Tamil Nadu is NH 220 and it's almost 265km. It starts from Kollam and passes through Punaloor. From here Kayamkulam, Kulathoorpuzha and Trivandrum state highways pass through. The important places near Punaloor are Kottarakara, Angal, Kulathoorpuzha, Pathanapuram and Adoor.

Famous and big bridge in Punaloor, Kollam

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