Pizhala is a land surrounded by Periyar river. It's also known as the ruling centre of Kadamakudi panchayat which is well known for the Kochi inhabitants. The flood that occurred in Periyar river in 1341 AD resulted in the formation of these land. During that flood Musaris the ancient port city became not amenable for transport conveyance. Otherwise it would have developed like Kodugaloor Kochi.
 Pizhala is connected by many Ferry services which includes Valiyakadamakuddi, Cheriyakadamakudi, Murikkal, Puthusherry, Palyamthuruth, Chariyomthuruth, Moolampilli, Chennur, Kothanadu, Kandanadu, Karikkadu all together 14 islands.  From Paravoor through Chathanadu crossing the Ferry Kadamakudi can be reached. Here bridge construction is also going on. But here only small cars and small vehicles are allowed through the Ferry. Through Container road and through Moolapalli also leads to Pizhali. During busy days Jeep like vehicles has wait a long time to be transported through the Ferry. Most the Ferry has got less loading capacity. After crossing Pizhala on reaching Moolampilli and after crossing one more Ferry it will lead to Container road. From here one can travel to Kochi and Paravoor .
During rainy season even though it doesn't cause scary situations still it depicts the life people in islands. Pokkali cultivation and the people who were doing it can still be viewed here even though it's not upto the old essence. It's one of main tourist spots in Kerala.

Pizhala island near periyar river Eranakulam

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