Bhutan is a small country situated between India and China towards south side of Himalaya. Mountain peaks beyond eyesight, Blue Pine trees, many small streams and few land areas occupied by people here and there, this is Bhutan. Beyond that it's the land of rich culture and faith. It has got a long history of Jainism left out for the travellers to enjoy. It's one of the few countries that's not yet influenced by the European modernism. They have a unique set of culture for their dressing style, house construction and in their eating habits. Till 1960 it was a country separated from other countries. Jawaharlal Nehru had visited  this country on top of Yak when it was not yet developed. From that time a good relationship was established. Even then foreigners had a lot of restriction to visit this country. Only from 1974 foreign tourist were entertained.
The land of Buddhism origin even now got a restriction for tourist except Indians, other foreign nationalities has to wait many years to get the visa. To stay in Bhutan for one day, 200 Dollar has to be paid towards the government which comes up to 9000 Indian Rupees. But Indians are exempted from all these restrictions. For Indians even passport is not required, electoral identity card or ration card is required. Few visitors more income is Bhutans tourism motto. They are very particular that tourism shouldn't disrupt their culture by any means that's reason for restriction for travellers. From India to Bhutan there is an old route through Silighud in Bengal. From Kerala this is the easiest route and it's the cheapest route too. The flight journey from Delhi and Kolkatta is bit costly. Dhrukh Airways, the official Bhutan Airways is the only flight service to the one and only International Airport,Paro Airport in Bhutan. It's an airport situated in between huge Mountain peaks. It's one of the most dangerous airport in the world. The landing and take off is a memorable experience. There is not much distance between the flight wings and mountains during landing and take off. It will give a scary and thrilling experience for the passengers. Only experienced pilots are allowed over here. Another beautiful moment is the view of Everest mountain top and Kaghan Jhanga. The tallest mountains are always covered with white snow flakes. From Paro, Thimphu the capital city is almost 45km. The narrow roads crossed through numerous huge mountains.
The journey through the mountains is bit risky because of rock fall that can be expected any time during the journey. If lucky it can be viewed live. Thimphu is a small city with less than 1 Lakh people inhabitants. Narrow and beautiful roads. Trees full of flowers are seen everywhere. Trading markets are not spoiled with any kind of advertisements. Even in front of shops there are only small boards. All have same specified size, colour and font. All these are specified by the government. Buildings constructed according to Bhutan's architecture is allowed. Phanuying roofing system is used over here. In Kerala Bhutan relates us to Bhutan Lottery case. But in Bhutan when the flaws were pointed out it was stopped. Agriculture is the main means of survival. And they earn income by selling the Himalaya river water for electricity. The developments in Bhutan sets a good example for other countries now. Without wearing the ethnic wear of the country, Bhutanese  are not allowed in government offices and other official centres. Foreigners has to wear formal dress to attend official meetings. If one enters government offices wearing T shirt and Jeans, Police will arrest them and fine will be charged. Means of conveyance is bit odd. The only public means of transport is by small buses. All those who don't have a resident permit has to get transport authority's permission to travel around. Then the seat has to be booked. Only seated journey is allowed in the bus. Since the roads are dangerous only during morning hours journey is allowed. Because of these reasons the tickets has to be booked a day prior to the journey.

Small and Beautiful country Bhutan

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