It's situated almost 15km away from Kannur and almost 8km from Thalassery. It still has still got its clarity since it's not yet exploited. The rocks present here and there protects the beach from heavy waves. It has also helped in the formation of small ponds. The coconut groves prevent the heavy sun shades of Sun and make it a better place to relax. All kinds of vehicles can be driven here without the wheels getting submerged into the sand. It can be experienced only in very few beaches in the world which can open a good tourism opportunity in future. Till now it has not yet come in full fledge. Many tourists including foreigners are coming to visit this place now. It's one of the contribution from Kerala towards the chain of Drive in beach. It's one of the largest Drive in beach in Asia. September to March is the best season for driving here. It has got into the BBC 's best six beaches in the world.
The small tea stalls over here has to be specially mentioned. Thalassery is known for its variety of recipes and taste. Prawn roll, Chicken roll, cowrie roll and many other street foods available over here has to be tasted.

Muzhappilangad Drive in Beach, Kannur district

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