Parambhikulom Tiger reserve centre is situated in Chittor taluk in Palakkad district. It was started as a part of Tamil Nadu's Anaimala Tiger reserve. Parambhikulom can be reached through Pollachi-Annamalai - Sethumada route. Heard that there is a route through Nelliyampathy- Aathirapally-Parambhikulom which allows only four wheelers but heard that now it's closed, there are some proposals to government for re opening it. Sometimes within 2 years it be open. In that case, there will be a direct route for Keralites.
Parambhikulom is the second largest Tiger ressrve centre in Kerala. It's situated in the western ghat and it's rich in Herbal and fossil. According to 2011 Senses there are 37 tigers, 73 panthers, 3 Jaguars and 280 elephants. Moreover there are many Deers, crocodiles, monkeys, Peacocks and wild squirrels and many bird varieties.
One of the largest and oldest Teak tree such as Kannimara Teak is over here.
Parambhikulom Dam which is part of Kerala andTamil Nadu Aliyar Project is situated over here. With prior permission the people can avail facilities for forest visit and nature study camps. More details can be obtained by calling to Parambikulam information centre. For night stay family hut costs Rs 6500 on Saturday/Sunday and Rs 5500 on other days. Dormitory facilities which can accommodate maximum 40 people are also available at a cost of Rs 13200. Student concessions are also available and school camps can use the facilities at a cost of Rs 6600.

 After Tamil Nadu check point there is forest for Kilometers. Only car, bus and van are permitted for entry. Two wheelers are not allowed. Those who come in two wheelers has to keep it in Sethu mada check post. The vehicles has to be parked in their own risk. From there KSRTC buses services are there.
Bus timings -
1. Pollachi - Parambhikulom- morning 6 am.
2. Palakkad - Parambhikulom - Morning 8 am. ( Pollachi 9.20am)
3.Pollachi - Parambhikulom - afternoon 3 pm.

After Kerala check post the next stop is Anapadi, all the buses from Pollachi to Parambhikulom goes through Anapadi. From top sleep there is approximately 4 kilometres to Anapadi.

Parambhikulom beautiful tourist centre in Palakkad

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