Uttaraghad also known is land of gods is one of the beautiful states in India. It's the paradise for pilgrims and adventurous seeking individuals. Dream land for travellers. But it's also famous for its dangerous routes. International status level work is in progress to complete a huge project which connects 4 Himalayan centres by the year 2020 and cost estimation is about Twelve thousand crores. It will connect the main pilgrim centres and tourist spots over here.
It starts from Rhishikesh and connects Kedarnad, Bhadharinadh, Gangotri and Yamunotri. Length of the road is going to be about 900 kilometres and on completion it will be in pace with International standards.
During flood that happened two years back the road to Chardhom was washed away and journey became difficult. New roads design was planned after the study of the location by IIT experts.
Those areas prone for landslides need special attention in design during road construction. And in case of emergency special Helipads to evacuate people out of site, hospitals etc are being planned as part of project.
Those who know Uttaraghad and those who have driven vehicle through here know the complexity of the location. This project might change this location as one of the beautiful tourist spot in the world. Moreover just like watching a road movie, journey through this 900 km route can attract Uttaraghad to ones mind.

Uttaraghad tourism India

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