Budapest is the capital city of Hungary.  It's situated on the either side of Danube river. Tickets fares are low from Dubai. Accommodation and food rates are reasonable which attracts many tourists to this place. As part of airport transfer there is taxi service and train service to city. On reaching city the first sight is the bridges over Danube. Even though there are 7 bridges, the important and known ones are four in number. Chain bridge, Elizabeth bridge, Margret bridge and Liberty bridge. All these names are the attraction centres in the city. Budapest is a small beautiful city which has a lot to present.
Gallert Hill
Hungarian Parliament
Heros Square
Adresse avenue
Buda castle
And many other attractions. If you catch Hop on Hop of Tour bus you can watch the whole city. Night life is really enjoyable. The city centre is known as Deak ter. Transportation is not a problem at all. Both taxi and train services are pretty cheap in the city. For 20min ride maximum taxi fare will be below 10 Euro. If it's in metro it will be below 5 Euro. There is beautiful place at the outskirts of Budapest, Lazer Equestrian park. It's a park owned by Horse Carriage ride champion Lazer Bros.

Budapest Hungary tourism

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