Holland is one of the largest exporter of flowers. Tulip Garden is a huge flower garden extending in about 79 acres situated at Keukahof in Lisse which is a small city in South Holland, its almost 45 kilometres from the capital city Amsterdam. It's known as Europes garden. It's also known as the most romantic place in the world. 800 different varieties of 7 million (70 lakhs) Tulip plants extend over this garden. In addition to that other plants, trees, flowers and fountains doubles the gardens beauty. It's a natural beauty which will bring happiness, excitement and surprise. In 1949 Lisse Mayor took initiative to make this garden with a vision to make Holland the largest exporter of flowers in the world. They not only succeeded in achieving their goal, the garden attracted a lot of tourist to this place, after Taj Mahal this is the most photographed location in the world and it's one of the favourite location for many of the Indian films. Tourists are permitted only during March to May, during this time many millions of people visit over here. It's a familiar place for all those Indians including Malayalis who stay in Europe. It's maintained by 39 people and the visitors will get anything that they require including Cycle tracks, concept garden etc. This garden will be a surprise for all those who have seen only garden in Ooty, Mysore and Dubai. But each garden has its own uniqueness. It has to be visited at least once in life time.

Tulip Garden in South Holland

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